Art of Story Telling


book name : Write Right!

Description: Creative writing using storytelling techniques

Author: Kendall Haven

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited,1999

Book name : Secrets of the World’s Bestselling Writer: The Storytelling Techniques of Erle Stanley Gardner

Description: The Storytelling Techniques of an American lawyer and author.

Author: Francis L & Roberta B. Fugate

Publisher: W. Morow, 1980

book name : The New Digital Storytelling:Creating Narratives with New Media

Description:The art of digital storytelling

Author: Bryan Alexander

Publisher: ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2017

Book name : Super Simple Storytelling: A Can-do Guide for Every Classroom, Everyday

Description: Guidebook for classroom storytelling

Author: Kendall Haven

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited,2000

book name : Digital Storytelling 4e: A creator's guide to interactive entertainment

Description:TCovers many aspects of digital storytelling (AI,AR, VR, social media storytelling etc)

Author: Carolyn Handler Miller

Publisher: CRC Press, 2019

Book name : The Art of Storytelling: Easy steps to presenting an unforgettable story

Description: Stepwise strategies to presenting a story

Author: John Walsh

Publisher: Moody Publishers,2003