Children Management


A set of Educational Videos on Educational Psychology Course consisting of 10 major
chapters and various subdivisions
Child Psychology: How to Discipline a Child That Does Not Listenchapters and various subdivisions
Child Psychology: How to Set Limits with a Strong-Willed Child


Managing Problem Behavior at Home: Respond effectively to child behavior problems at home. Child Mind institute teaches effective parenting skills and behavior management at home.
Behavioral Management for Children and Adolescents: Assessing the
Evidence. Melissa H. Johnson
Article: Listening skills and talking techniques are some of the elements of good communication you keep in mind as you relate to your middle-year child.


What is child psychology
Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practicey
Introduction to child psychology
Caring for Vulnerable Children
CBullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond?
Introduction to Psychology:Developmental Psychology
Children Raising
Raising Children in islam