Weekend Islamic Education (WISE) – 2hrs/week

WISE should have the following components

  1. Information
  2. Action
  3. Skill Development
  4. Entertainment

1) Information:

  • About Islamic Beliefs.
  • About Prophets
  • About Seerath
  • About Sahaba
  • About others(saints, scientist)
  • About Islamic History & Culture
  • Discovery CD – 36 nos.

2) Action:

  • Taharat
  • Wudhu
  • Ghusl
  • Salath
  • Witr
  • Janaza
  • Sawm
  • Etiquettes if life
  • Tilawat

3) Skills:

  • Oration
  • Essays
  • Paintings
  • Useful out of useless
  • Paper flowers
  • Collage
  • Knots
  • Summer activities
  • Qirat


4) Entertainment:

a. Films:

  1. Stuart little
  2. Ten Commandments
  3. Message
  4. (Aakhri Chattan)
  5. Omer Mukhtar (The Lion of the Desert)
  6. Saint Mary
  • b.Animation:
  1. Ibrahim AS
  2. Musa AS
  3. Yusuf AS
  4. Yunus AS
  5. Dawood AS
  6. Habil and Qabil
  7. Mohammed the last Prophet
  8. The Jar
  9. The Lion of Ain Jalut (Chengiz Khan)
  10. Narnia
  11. Adam’s WorldC. Documentary:
  1. Iraq insurgency
  2. Inside Mekkah
  3. (Quran key taariqi muqamaat)
  4. (Dastaane Haram)
  5. (Kaamiyabi ka safar)
  6. Islam the empire of faith.
  7. Tsunami
  8. Surah-e-Asr
  9. Pray


  1. Songs Video:
  1. Yataiba
  2. Last breath
  3. Sami Yusuf
  4. Yusuf Islam
  5. Hamza Robertson


  1. Songs Audio:
  1. The Sultan of Madina
  2. (Faina tazhaboon)
  3. (Aai Bint-e-Haram Jaag Zara)
  4. (SIO ke tarane)
  5. (Hamid Baqar)
  6. (Tala’al badru alaina)
  7. (Muhammed Nabina)
  8. Milky Way


  1. Islam and Science:
  1. Architects of Nature
  2. Quran and Science


  1. g) Stories:
  1. Mulla Naseeruddin
  2. Arabian Nights
  3. Aladdin
  4. Ali Baba and 40 chor
  5. Sindbad
  1. h) Islamic Songs from books (Nazmein)

Books List:

TI1-                  Teachings In Islam-1 compiled by Maulana

Aqeedatullah Qasmi.

TI2-                  Teachings In Islam-2 compiled by Maulana

Aqeedatullah Qasmi.

TI3-                  Teachings In Islam-3 compiled by Maulana

Aqeedatullah Qasmi.

TI4-                  Teachings In Islam-4 compiled by Maulana

Aqeedatullah Qasmi.

TI5-                  Teachings In Islam-5 compiled by Maulana

Aqeedatullah Qasmi.

SD1-                 Saccha Deen part-1 by Afzal Hussain.

SD2-                 Saccha Deen part-2 by Afzal Hussain.

SD3-                 Saccha Deen part-3 by Muhammed Yusuf Islahi.

S(1-114)-         Surah,chapter No.

CA-                  Classic Arts Series.

SOW1-             Stories of the world by Safia Iqbal Book 1.

SOW2-             Stories of the world by Safia Iqbal Book 2.

JJ-                    Jandaraun aur jaanwaron ki ajeeb aur gareeb aadatein by Ranjendra

kumar Rajeev(Urdu).

500 Q&A-        500 Questions and Answers by Peter Eldin.

BOI-                 Basics of Islam by Safia Iqbal.

ELI-                  Etiquettes of Life in Islam by Mohammed Yusuf Islahi

MQ-                 Manazir-e-Qiyamat(Urdu)

SI5-                  Studies in Islam by (Maulvi)Abdul Aziz [Grade Five

Charts to be given

a) Being good checklist a)BOI(32)
b) A good child picture b)BOI(67)
c) Dua Chart c)BOI(74)
d) Namaz Chart d)BOI(97)
e) Helping others e)BOI(117)
f) My time table f)BOI(183)
g) Mazes g)Goodword Mazes
h) Cleanliness check list h)SI1(38)