Art of Story Telling


Storytelling for Social Change

A 5-week course that teaches how stories can bring develop a social impact.

Storytelling that Delivers Program and Project Outcomes

A 5-week course by University of Maryland which teaches the utilization of stories in managing risks, stakeholders and negotiating.

Storytelling in the Workplace

A 3-week course by Rochester Institute of Technology explaining the elements of storytelling and how they can be used to target an audience.

Analytics Storytelling for Impact

A 6-week course by Microsoft teaching the application of storytelling principles to analytics.

Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling

A 5-hour Online course by Northwestern University explaining the importance of storytelling as an essential part of leadership.

Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling

One of the 4 courses offered as a part of teaching presentation skills by National Research Tomsk State University.

Masterclass in Storytelling by Neil Gaiman

Introduces most common scenarios of creating a story and telling to an audience. Helpful for those who wish to make a career in storytelling.

Pixar in a box: The art of storytelling

Exploring the storytelling process at Pixar by Khan Academy.

Masterclass in Storytelling with David Sedaris

Teaches storytelling and humor skills.

Creative Writing Course

Teaches the basics of creative writing

Kathakoli Storytelling Workshop- Entry level

Teaches the basics of makig a story, performing it and usage of props.

Storytelling Courses by Skillshare

Includes all types of course to master the skill of storytelling; fiction, non-fiction, designing,illustration, graphic designing, writing etc.

Diploma in story writing

A 3-hour short story writing course by Lead Academy.

Mastering storytelling for all

A 12-hour course by Global Edulink accredited by iAP and CPD

Storytelling for Presentations

Teaches the art of using stories to sell ideas and products.

Beginners Course for Storytelling

An initiative by Kathalaya that teaches on how to begin with storytelling

The Story Course – Storytelling Masterclass

Teaches how to create, write and tell stories that impact and engage the audience by Udemy

80 Courses offered by Udemy

36 Storytelling Online Courses

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